Aterlier Armbruster

Atelier Armbruster is an interior design and architecture firm in NYC. This identity created for principal Yaiza Blank, represents the exploration of form and space in her work. The use of the Rosa Mexicana color alludes to her inspiration in Mexican Modernist architecture and the mix of Mexican color and light with modernist design. 


Client: Atelier Armbruster
Agency: Freelance
Role: Direction & Design



Art Direction



Brand Toolkit
Yaiza draws inspiration from her background in Swiss Design ideals mixed with Mexican Modernism. Her work explore depth and form, with color and texture inspired by Mexico. The brand toolkit pairs a modern isometric design language that references depth and form, with a Rose Mexicana color as a nod to her heritage.


“Daniel Irizarry is a supremely talented visual designer who has a knack for capturing what's exciting and interesting about pretty much anything and translating that into compelling design ideas. We worked with Daniel to develop our brand identity. He created a beautifully crafted logo and suite of illustrations that together with a crisp color system are really fun to use in all of Atelier Armbruster's materials. We were so excited to go beyond stationary and begin applying our brand to everything from canvas totes to client gifts. If you have the chance to work with Daniel, pounce on it."

-Yaiza Blank
Principal, Atelier Armbruster


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