Zero400 Studios

Zero400 Studio is a Brooklyn based production company that is focused on creating digital first video content. The company's clients include the New York Times, Food Network and Jetsetter. Zero400 currently specializes in creating content for the cuisine and hospitality space. I created a new brand for the company as their business continues to grow.

Client: Zero400 Studios
Agency: Freelance
Role: Design Director



Brand Toolkit
The new identity and toolkit bring meaning to the name Zero400 or 04:00. The time that the studio makes their best work. The system is meant to reference that time right before the “blue hour” where work is completed and sent to a client after a hard nights editing. The color palette comes from the first bit of color in the night sky as the sun begins to rise. The logo references lunar cycles and time.


To launch the brand we created stationery and swag for clients. Going forward we are looking to create the full motion toolkit for the studio as well as a new website.


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