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Serrala is an international provider of technologic solutions for payments and finance related processes. Serrala, previously known as Hanse Orga, came to us for a new name, repositioning and identity. After acquiring a series of companies in the U.S. market they wanted to shift the perception of the brand from a German company to be a global business.

Client: Serrala
Agency: Carbone Smolan Agency
Role: Design Director


Identity Design

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Motion Design

Brand Toolkit
The new logo uses a continuous line that alludes to the company’s innovative and dynamic end-to-end payment solutions. The bright, energetic primary color, called Serrala Ruby, communicates confidence and dynamism. It is supported by a secondary color palette that further expresses the brand’s vitality. The dynamic graphic language paired with a detailed photography style creates a visual system that expresses the brand’s ethos of bringing clarity to complexity.


We created a suite of marketing collateral for the launch of the brand at the SAP Sapphire Now conference. 


We created a series of environmental renderings to transform the current headquarters with the new Serrala brand.


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